Safety switches in plastic housing

TQ small, flat plastic switch


  • Guard locking for process protection
  • Monitoring contact for the position of the guard locking
  • Auxiliary release from three sides

TP proven plastic switch


  • Electrical or mechanical guard locking
  • Different switching contacts
  • Three cable entries, optionally with plug connectors

TK very high locking force


  • Mounting on plastic housing TP with actuating head and guard locking pin made of metal
  • High locking forces of well above 5000 N
  • Auxiliary release on the switch head
  • Actuating element for auxiliary shutdown on front

STP plastic switch with metal head


  • Metal actuating head suitable for highest requirements
  • Two LED displays (optional) for the visual display of the door position and the position of the solenoid
  • Flexible connection options using three cable entries
  • High degree of protection IP 67

 STM compact plastic switch with metal or plastic head


  • Plastic housing with actuating head optionally made of metal or plastic
  • Safety switch type 2, guard locking and guard lock monitoring
  • Separate switching contact for guard lock monitoring (one switching contact) and door monitoring (two switching contacts)
  • Suitable for door radii down to minimum 300 mm
  • High degree of protection IP 67

Safety switches in metal housing

NZ.VZ.VS metal switch without guard lock monitoring


  • Solenoid operating voltage optional 24 VDC / 110 VAC / 230 VAC
  • With two switching contacts or with four switching contacts
  • LED function display for different voltage ranges
  • Mechanically locked, release by applying voltage
  • Electrically locked, locking by applying voltage

TZ proven metal switch


  • Auxiliary release from the front
  • Optionally with escape release
  • LEDs for the function display
  • Connection by cable entry or plug connector
  • Max. eight switching contacts permit flexible wiring

STA metal switch with metal head


  • Robust design
  • Three cable entries
  • High degree of protection IP 67
  • LED optional

TX metal switch


  • Auxiliary release from the front
  • Two LEDs for function display
  • Large insertion funnel
  • Pulling the actuator does not prevent the switch from being released
  • Three cable entries
  • Simple head changing